Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Shameless is produced by Company Pictures. They are an independent UK production company and have produced a reasonable amount for the main terrestrial channels including the BBC, ITV and Channel 4. The show is shot on set in Manchester.

Shameless has been distributed by Channel 4 since 13th January 2004. The show airs on Tuesdays and just finished its 8th series. Repeats can be seen on E4, another channel run by the Channel 4 Corporation. E4 also shows the following week's episode in advance at 11pm, after the first episode finishes on Channel 4.

Shameless is very well received by critics as it is a unique and honest show in it's representations and setting. In 2005 it won the Best Drama Series at the British Academy Television Awards and was also nominated for the National Television Awards in 2007 but lost. Shameless also won the Best Continuing Drama award at the Royal Television Awards Society North West Awards in 2007.

Shameless is renowned for its unique setting and characters. The show portrays life for lower classes in Greater Manchester, England, and shows everyday activities, similarly to Soaps, but also shows more dramatic events. Many of the characters are portrayed carrying out illegal activities, or are even shown as full-time criminals. One character runs a brothel out of her house, the family that own the pub are gangsters, and many of the characters, especially males, are portrayed taking drugs and drinking excessively. The main character; Frank Gallagher is an unemployed working class man in his middle ages, who has a tendency for having children with different women, getting drunk, taking drugs, petty theft and getting into fights in public or with the law. His family are also working class and they all are regular drinkers, most of them are also criminals. Women are often shown using sex to manipulate people. There is also consistent use of foul language throughout every episode. Overall the show portrays working classes in a very stereotypical manner; showing them swearing, taking drugs, drinking, fighting and taking part in illegal activities and scams rather than trying to get real jobs. Therefore the show negatively represents working classes in the UK, especially white people.

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